The nitty-gritty of pay-as-you-can

Pay-as-You-Can: Behind the Scenes

There are so many different kinds of local farms in the Cincinnati region. One thing that makes Mustard Seed Farm CSA unique is our pay-as-you-can pricing.

We want you to know that truly whatever price works for your budget is what we want you to pay. Over 11 years of running CSA's this way (where some folks pay more and some pay less) it has ALWAYS worked out by the end of the year as if we'd sold all the shares for the median suggested price.

There’s a well known story about loaves and fishes - - sure, maybe that story can be read as a miracle defying the laws of physics. Or maybe the miracle is the fact that once someone shares something small, like a few loaves and fishes, others in the group might start sharing what they have as well - until there’s enough to feed 5,000 people. There is something deeply miraculous that instead of eating alone, a whole community can eat together when they feed each other.

I hope you take away 2 things from this sermon in the form of a pie chart:

  • You all together make this miracle happen. No matter what you pay for CSA, each person contributing what’s right for them helps meet the needs of the whole group.

  • You’re part of a community who meets each others needs.

This is mutual aid. Over the years you might be in a season where you feel able to pay more, and some years you may need to pay less. If it means you're still able to be part of our farm community, we want you to pay less!

Are you ready for a great year of farm shares?

Here are your next steps:

  1. Choose your farm share type.
  2. Choose pickup or delivery. We encourage you to pick up in person because we love seeing you and you'll be able to choose the vegetables you want. But if Friday nights are just not an option for you, we can deliver a pre-packed share (no either-or veggie options) right to your door for a delivery fee.
  3. Submit the membership agreement and your payment. Fill out the total CSA payment amount that works for your budget. When we receive your payment (or deposit, if you need to divide up payments) then your spot is reserved. Then in June, the fun begins!

I hope you decide to join! It's a blast getting to grow for this community and you're a big part of it!

-Your farmers, Marykate and Lindsey,

Mustard Seed Farm

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